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We focused on the essentials to stay connected

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What people are saying

“This seems like a great idea! Definitely brings down some barriers to using a modern smartphone, while still allowing access to all the great tech it brings."

- Connor


We believe technology should be easy to use and fuss free 

​Over 5 billion people worldwide use mobiles, but their use among older people is far lower. In fact many people older than 65 don’t own a smartphone. It is clear that iOS and Android phones are more complicated than some users want. They need a better option: a phone interface built and designed for them. In 2020 we set about building a new mobile interface, designed specifically for people who want a streamlined smartphone experience. We created our design based on four principles: 1. It should use text labels (not icons) 2. It should only show the features users actually want to use 3. It should be editable and maintainable by trusted family members or organisations 4. It should work well with other popular apps After over a year of development and testing, Chatsie is now available to use. Chatsie sits on top of Android as a replacement interface, in the first case on a Samsung A22. We believe Chatsie is the first product in the world to make smartphones truly accessible and easy to use for people who have previously found mobiles unnecessarily complicated.  

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